The Birch Knight                                                                                                         Watercolor, ink. 2017.
Perhaps the most feared of all the Rose Queen's henchmen is a creature called The Birch Knight. With at least three times the eyes of any other guard, she is as observant as she is deadly.

The Gem Seeker                                                                                                             Watercolor, ink. 2017.
This spirit spends her days haunting the forest she lives in, raking her fingers through the dirt while she searches for semi-precious stones. Some residents of the nearby village claim that she is one of the Fair Folk of legend, while others speculate that she's the ghost of a slain queen still seeking riches to cling to in the afterlife.
The Guardian of Runehill                                                                             Watercolor, gouache. 2017.
This centaur-mage guards the runs of an ancient rune temple from which she draws her power.
The Heart is Acquired                                                                                               Watercolor, ink. 2017.
This nefarious, dragon-slaying sorceress has slain a rare infant gem dragon to acquire its powerful, jewel-like heart.

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