Tristan is the young, clumsy protagonist of Adust. He begins as a Hunter of dragons and their half human offspring, before discovering the truth about the gods. 
Watercolor and ink, Adobe Photoshop, 2017.
A major component of his world's lore, The Red Dragon is the god of war and passion. The character's clothing and appearance is inspired by West African cultures. Rather than create a typical war god who had an angry appearance, I wanted him to appear benevolent and so caring that he is willing to fight for his people.
Watercolor and ink on paper, Adobe Photoshop, 2017.
The Silver Dragon, Initial Clothing Concepts
The Silver Dragon is also known as the God of Magic. As the character is Norse inspired, I created various designs before reaching an appropriate balance of history and fantasy. Ultimately, the final design chosen to develop was #5.
Pencil on paper, colored in Adobe Photoshop CC. 2017.

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